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Gaz Jones Rendering Services

Gaz Jones


Why do I need to render the outside of my property?

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Any surface can be rendered, however it is generally most useful for external wall and surfaces. The render that is applied is designed to be waterproof, and therefore protect your property from the corrosive forces of the weather. In areas of high rainfall especially, walls that are not adequately protected can become weakened and damaged extremely quickly, as well as having a detrimental impact on the look of the property. Renders consist of varying substances, but their primary purpose remains the same.


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Rendering external walls also provides a surface that can be painted. Raw brick or masonry isn’t ideal as far as painting is concerned, so rendering performs an important role in this respect. Some renders can be applied such that no painting is even required, though more typically the dried surface is coated in a water resistant paint. Various colours are available on the market, giving buyers a huge range of possibilities.The correct render mix is essential to get the right render for your property. Depending on the look that needs to be achieved, and the texture required, there will be a specific mix needed. Only an expert external rendering professional will be experienced enough to get the ratio of components correctly mixed right first time, which is why we would recommend employing an external company to conduct the work on your home or business.

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